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👋 Hi! I'm Mark

I'm Computer Science and Engineering Student at the Ohio State University, interested in web development, system administration, and bleeding edge technology. I like to write about my projects and things I've learned.

Read the blog posts or check my socials for more info.

What do I do?

...I build full stack applications.

This is Rhombus, a a Jeopardy style competition platform with a cohesive and modern user interface for hosting CTF events. Written with bleeding edge tools like Svelte, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS.

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...I make tools to improve efficiency.

This is Canvas CLI, a command line interface to submit class assignments and download files. Compatible with any institution using Instructure's Canvas Learning Management System. Written in Rust using official REST APIs.

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Canvas CLI demo

...I prototype quickly to scratch my curious itches.

This is the OSU Course Dependency Visualizer, a visualization of every course available at the Ohio State University and what prerequisites are required for them as an explorable DAG. Writen with TypeScript and Astro.

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OSU Class Dependency Visualizer demo

...I think about privacy and data.

This is my homelab dashboard. I run numerous services (>25) on my home server using Kubernetes, following GitOps principles. Metrics and logs are easily monitored with Grafana. I use it for data sovereignty, learning, and fun.

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Screenshot of my homelab dashboard

...I dive deeper into technical topics.

This is the Decompiler Explorer. Sometimes the best way to learn about compilers is by learning about decompilers. I apply my existing knowledge to find the best way for me to learn something new.

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Decompiler Explorer demo

...I write CTF challenges

These are a few cybersecurity based challenges I've written for the Cybersecurity Club at OSU. I explore topics like XSS, CSRF, command injection, and more (see Minecraft hacking).

...and I write a blog! Read some of my posts below, or have a look at some of my other projects on GitHub.

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